Sympathy Flowers

Showing our emotions, our deepest sympathy, this can be good.

A family member or friend has experienced a traumatic event.

You want to be a support, … be there for them, comfort them, just where words fail, give flowers support.

Recieving a sympathy bouquet gives everyone a sense of genuine warmth and attention in one of the most difficult periods in a person’s life.

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  • Sympathie bouquets


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Consolation bouquets

Comfort bouquet Livia

Sometimes there is so much we feel, but so little we can say .. With this pink bouquet you can give the recipient a heart.

The bouquet includes germinis, santinis and lilies.

* Exclusive accessories and vase

Available in:
Comfort bouquet Livia small

€ 32,95

Comfort bouquet Livia medium

+ € 5,95

Comfort bouquet Livia large

+ € 12,95

From   € 32,95

Comfort bouquet Chloe

A single word or a small gesture keeps you going. You don't feel alone for a moment. Do you want to put your heart into it with this beautiful bouquet? The germinis together with the lisianthus and lilies make this bouquet a generous gesture.

* Exclusive accessories and vase

Available in:
Comfort bouquet Chloe small

€ 45,95

Comfort bouquet Chloe medium

+ € 11,95

Comfort bouquet Chloe large

+ € 18,95

From   € 45,95

Comfort Bouquet Lisa

A stylish generous comfort bouquet, made with love and intended as sincere condolences.

The bouquet includes germinis, roses and lisianthus.

* Exclusive accessories and vase

Available in:
Comfort Bouquet Lisa small

€ 37,95

Comfort Bouquet Lisa medium

+ € 5,95

Comfort Bouquet Lisa large

+ € 16,95

From   € 37,95